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Kawasaki Eliminator

When the streets are calling, answer with the all-new Eliminator motorcycle. This bike shakes up convention with a sleek and low design, a low and comfortable seat, and light and easy handling for the most approachable cruiser from Kawasaki yet. Don’t overthink it—timeless design has been combined with modern technology so you can Just Ride.

Highly Approachable Package

Offering a natural riding position that accommodates a wide range of riders, the Eliminator inspires confidence from the moment you sit on it. Its light weight and good mass centralisation make light work of lifting the bike off its side-stand and contribute to low-speed manoeuvrability. Its highly accessible, stress-free character makes the Eliminator an ideal everyday riding partner.

Relaxed Upright Seat Position

A natural riding position with handle grips located where your arms naturally extend and footpegs positioned so that your legs do not feel cramped offers rider reassurance and contributes to stress-free everyday riding.

Low Seat Height

At 735 mm, the Eliminator’s seat height is the lowest of Kawasaki’s 250-500cc on-road models, contributing to a reassuring reach to the ground. Accessory High and Low seats enable a wide range of riders to enjoy the Eliminator with confidence and comfort.

ABS Brake System

Large-diameter disc brakes balance ample stopping power with easy control. Customers looking for an added degree of reassuring braking performance with standard front and rear ABS.

Liquid Cooled Parallel Twin Engine

The Eliminator’s 451 cc Parallel Twin engine offers strong low-end torque, greatly benefiting low-speed control and manoeuvrability, and contributing to low-stress everyday riding. At highway speeds, its strong power and linear response make its Ninja lineage apparent.

Low Comfortable Seat

Features a low 705mm seat height. The seat design with thick, 62mm padding offers a wide surface and excellent hip support, ensuring ample comfort for city riding and short tours. The seat bracket is rubber-mounted, reducing vibration transferred through the seat. Optional accessories available at an additional cost: Reduced Reach and Extended Reach accessory seats are available to customise your fit.

Long and Low

A long and low design with elegant proportions is created by the vertically thin fuel tank and the horizontal lines evident from the head pipe to the original tail. The design of the impressive, mid-class sized body suggests a balance of active performance and composure.


Compact, round, all-digital LCD instrument panel offers a modern touch that complements the Eliminator’s authentic style. The highly legible layout includes a bar-style tachometer and gear position indicator – visible reminders of the Eliminator’s active riding potential. Smartphone connectivity enables riders to access instrument functions for an enhanced motorcycling experience.

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