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Kawasaki KLX150

The new KLX150 series offers riding fun in a variety of situations, from urban usage like city riding and commuting to off-road trail rides that excite the adventurous spirit. Its slim, lightweight chassis and reliable air-cooled engine are complemented by a powerful, stylish MX-inspired design reminiscent of a full-fledged enduro motorcycle, making it casually enjoyable for a wide range of riders. The KLX150 is Learner Legal throughout Australia.

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Kawasaki KLX 230R S

Kawasaki KLX230R S

Take trail adventuring to the next level. With long-travel suspension and ample ground clearance, KLX230R lightweight, full-size recreational trail bikes are purpose-built for serious fun in the dirt.

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KLX230 S

Kawasaki KLX230 S

Purpose-built for serious fun on the trails and tuned for on-road versatility, the KLX230 can take you to new adventures with dual-sport capability. Turn a variety of terrain into the ultimate playground. With an engine and chassis designed together to promote agility and weight savings, the KLX230 is always ready to get out and play.

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Kawasaki KV230 Stockman

The new Stockman is a welcome addition to the range, and it is worthy of carrying on the heritage of the Stockman name. Featuring the latest off-road engine and chassis from Kawasaki, the Stockman is equipped to take on challenging terrain every day and embodies the BUILT TOUGH reputation of AG motorcycles. The fuel-injected 233 cc engine delivers ample performance, durability, and easy starting. Compact and nimble, the Stockman is ready-to-work with factory fitted AG motorcycle essentials: front and rear rack, dual side stands, engine protection, clutch lock-out, and slow-speed stability. The new Stockman is the work partner you can depend on, every day.

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Kawasaki KLX250 S

The 2019 KLX250S is a capable off-road performer and a reliable, fun road bike. The Kawasaki KLX heritage making it an awesome on or off road machine. Whether you are tearing it up on the weekends with your mates or hauling to work and back through the week, enjoy the best of both worlds with the 2019 KLX250S.

Giant engines and a heap of gadgetry are not necessary to have a great time on two wheels. On the paved road the KLX250S is a well mannered and easy to ride motorcycle that can easliy keep pace with traffic on the open road. When the seal road ends and the off-road country begins the light and nimble KLX250S’ torquey liquid cooled engine and adjustable suspension help you tackle all of the trails. All that capability is also paired with outstanding efficiency, making the 2019 KLX250S a superbly practical motorbike.

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Kawasaki KLX450R

Enduro riders who value true four-stroke off-road performance choose the KLX450R. Power, performance and control over the whole distance plus electric start and performance components combine to deliver a fast and usable total package built for the enduro adventure.

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