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Kawasaki Z1000

Sculpted bodywork brings the aggressive sugomi-inspired Z design to life. All unnecessary flourishes have been stripped away to boldly highlight brutal functionality. Enhancing riding impact, the 1,043 cc In-Line Four engine and rigid chassis deliver a stiffer, more direct ride that transforms the Z1000 into the market’s most radical Supernaked. Z1000 – Unleash.

Exciting In Line Four Engine

The Z1000’s liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 1,043 cc In-Line Four offers impressive power and strong torque. Engine tuning focuses on the feeling the rider gets when opening the throttle: a strong torque feeling and mid-range hit is complemented by direct throttle response. The intake’s carefully crafted auditory note – designed specifically so that acceleration could be enjoyed aurally as well as physically – is a key component of the street riding exhilaration offered by the Z1000.

Assist Slipper Clutch

The Assist & Slipper Clutch was developed based on feedback from racing activities. The race-inspired clutch technology offers both a back-torque limiting function as well as a light feel at the lever.

Horizontal Back Link Rear Suspension

Rear suspension positions the shock unit and linkage above the swingarm. This arrangement contributes to mass centralisation, while ensuring that the suspension is located far enough from the exhaust that operation is not affected by heat.

Strong Aluminium Twin-Tube Frame

The highly rigid aluminium frame features a high degree of mass
centralisation, creating a balance between sharp turning and firm
handling. Lightweight and highly rigid, the frame uses the engine as a stressed member. The frame offers a firm, planted feeling, good stability and light, nimble turning.

Aggressive Sugomi Styling

The Z1000’s sugomi design takes the mass-forward crouching concept of the 2010-2013 model even further. The headlamp cowl, positioned as low as possible, extends the line running down from the top of the tank to create the image of a crouching predator’s muscular shoulders and dropped head. Bodywork fits closely to the engine and frame, reinforcing the condensed, dynamic form. Mass is concentrated at the front, a stark contrast to the light, wisp of a tail. The dichotomy creates a dynamic design, with all lines drawn forward.

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