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Kawasaki Z500

All eyes are on you when riding the all-new Z500 supernaked. With distinctive bodywork and a powerful 451 cc engine, this aggressively styled streetfighter is for those who are not afraid to be seen. The Z500 provides the ideal platform for a wide range of riders to put their true colours on display.

All-New 451cc Engine

Smooth, powerful acceleration is available with a twist of the wrist from a new 451 cc engine. The acceleration feels brisk thanks to plenty of power in the low- to mid-rpm range, and, when the throttle stays on, enough power in the high-rpm range to hit higher speeds with ease. With well-balanced power output and strong acceleration throughout the rev range, the combination of this engine with a lightweight chassis makes the machine well-suited to a wide variety of riding situations including everyday riding.

Assist and Slipper Clutch

Kawasaki’s Assist & Slipper Clutch results in a light clutch pull for even more rider-friendly and manageable riding in everyday situations, and reduced skipping and hopping from the rear for better sport riding and added confidence.

Z Styling

No matter from what angle the Z500 is seen, its triple headlight-centred front face and aggressive lines make it clear that this is a member of the Z family, with aggressive Supernaked looks and ample street presence.

The Z500’s “face” is based around a newly designed triple headlight unit, enveloped by a sharp front cowl to give it an intense look. The triple LED headlight design (same as used on the Z7 Hybrid) features two upper headlights acting as the low beams, and a single lower headlight functioning as the high beam. The design was intended to keep focus on the two low beam headlights. Belying their compact size, the new headlights deliver excellent lighting performance.

Lightweight Trellis Frame

The Z500 features a trellis frame similar in design to that of the Ninja H2. Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic rigidity analysis was used to ensure optimum rigidity with light weight. The engine is rigid-mounted and used as a stressed member. The frame design contributes significantly to the bike’s low curb mass.


Relaxed rider triangle accommodates a wide range of rider sizes and riding situations, contributing to its rider-friendly character. The relatively upright riding position and wide handlebar put the rider in the ideal position for active control, facilitating dynamic, sporty riding.

Confidence-Inspiring Reach to the Ground

While seat height is 785 mm, the slim design of both the seat and the rear of the engine gives riders an unobstructed line for their feet to reach the ground. The seat’s flat shape offers ample padding in the front portion without sacrificing the comfortable reach to the ground, which helps riders enjoy the bike with confidence.

High Grade Cockpit

The Z500 is equipped with a high-contrast full LCD instrument panel. The sophisticated instrument design features a well-thought-out display, with a bar-style tachometer that reaches over the speedometer and other displayed data. Smartphone connectivity enables riders to connect with their machines to enjoy display notifications, riding logs, and community features.

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