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Kawasaki Versys 1000

Bike adventures are life’s best adventures. Every day brings opportunity for fresh challenges. Beyond the roads you know lie whole new vistas. Unknown roads are easier and faraway places nearer with the Versys 1000. When Adventure Calls, you and the Versys 1000 have the answer. ANY ROAD. ANY TIME.

Efficiency and Intelligence

The liquid-cooled, In-Line Four DOHC 1,043 cc engine offers superb throttle response, strong torque across the rpm range and an enticing intake howl. Thanks to optimised fuel injection settings, power delivery is linear and smooth for easy control and manoeuvrability at low rpm.

Electronic Throttle Valves enable the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to control the volume of both fuel and air delivered to the engine, resulting in smooth, natural engine response and output. Electronic Cruise Control is made possible also by the Electronic Throttle Valves.

Triple Pedal Disc Brakes

ø310mm front petal discs gripped by opposed 4-piston calipers deliver stronger stopping power with good brake touch and feel.

True to the VERYS 1000’s envisioned riding environment, ABS settings facillitate controlled braking in a variety of street riding situations.

Assist and Slipper Clutch

This clutch technology offers a light lever pull plus a back-torque limiting function. When excessive engine braking occurs the slipper cam relieves pressure on the clutch plates to help prevent the rear tyre from hopping or skidding.

Advanced Electronics

Kawasaki Cornering Management Function:Modulates brake force (KIBS) and engine power (KTRC) to facilitate smooth transitions from acceleration to braking, to assist you in holding your intended line through the corner.

Kawasaki TRaction Control: Covers a wide range of riding conditions, offering enhanced sport riding performance and peace of mind while you’re on the road. When turned on, you can select between three modes to choose the degree in which each mode intervenes during riding.

Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-lock Brake System: Kawasaki’s supersport-grade, high-precision brake management system is standard on the Versys 1000. High-precision brake pressure control enables the hydraulic pressure to be modulated in much smaller increments than standard ABS systems, conserving lever feel when KIBS is active and ensuring ABS pulses feel light.

Bluetooth Enabled Dash

Bluetooth technology enables smartphone connectivity, allowing you to connect to your motorcycle wirelessly via the RIDEOLOGY THE APP smartphone application. Add this to the high-grade full-colour TFT dash meter and you’ve got vehicle information, a detailed riding log and more at your fingertips.

Kawasaki Quick Shifter

Dual-direction Kawasaki Quick Shifter allows both clutchless upshifts and downshifts for seamless acceleration and smooth deceleration.

Ride with Confidence

Integrated riding modes link Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) and Power Modes to offer varying traction control and power delivery settings to suit different riding conditions.
- Sport mode enables sporty riding for winding roads.
- Road mode offers comfortable riding over a wide range of conditions.
- Rain mode delivers reassurance over wet surfaces.
- Rider (manual) mode lets you set each system independently.

No Fear of the Dark

LED cornering lights, sets of three lights built into each side of the fairing, help illuminate the road when cornering at night. Each of the three lights has a fixed direction and is activated based on lean angle. As the bike leans over, the lights come on in order, creating a wider illuminated path in the direction the bike is heading.

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