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Parental Controls with lanyard kill switch
CVT (Auto) Transmission
Electric Start – ready to go
Kid Size – built for learning to ride
49cm³ Single Cylinder
4-Stroke Engine


A throttle limiting screw located on the top of the throttle housing allows parents to limit the throttle opening to help new riders gain experience at slower speeds.

A removable collar installed in the CVT limits travel of the driven converter, producing a lower overall drive ratio to reduce speed.

Keyed ignition switch prevents starting without a key.

Ignition cut-off tether allows an adult to immediately stop engine operation by pulling on the tether line.

Read and understand the Owner Manual recommendation on the minimum age of operators of 6+ years.

Always operated under direct adult supervision.

Always wear an approved helmet and protective riding apparel.


Simple operation for young riders.

The CVT eliminates gear shifting to simplify operation.

The young rider can simply push the throttle and go.

The centrifugal clutch on the driven converter allows engine braking under certain conditions for added control and slowing power when travelling down hills.


Easy push button start with the key switched on.

The interlock feature only allows the engine to be cranked when the parking brake is engaged.

The sealed battery requires minimal maintenance.

The KFX50 has a back up kick starter system if the battery does go flat

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