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Efficiently-tuned 296 cm³ Parallel Twin engine produces smooth, torquey power at low and medium rpm and powerful acceleration at high rpm. Smooth power delivery and strong low-end torque facilitate slow-speed manoeuvres, offering both a high level of control when making minute throttle adjustments and a gratifying rush of acceleration in the lower rpm ranges, while low vibrations care of a balancer, and ample top end offer comfortable highway cruising.


The all-new highly rigid backbone frame was designed to handle external shocks, contributing to the VERSYS-X’s unpaved-road capability. The sturdy frame is also able to support a passenger and optional luggage, making the VERSYS-X a very capable touring partner.


Using long-travel suspension enables the VERSYS-X to deliver riding excitement across a wide range of riding situations. Not all streets in the real world are made of circuit-smooth pavement. Road imperfections (bumps, potholes) are far from rare, and many streets are not even paved. The long-travel suspension is designed to easily soak up road imperfections, even when travelling on unpaved roads. Excellent feedback from the front end contributes to rider confidence and a high level of riding excitement, while the linked rear suspension offers both riding stability and ride comfort.


The VERSYS-X’s large-volume bodywork and impressive adventure styling give it the imposing appearance of a much larger-displacement machine. In contrast to the street-focused VERSYS models, the rugged design of the VERSYS-X looks very much at
home off the pavement.


Dual petal disc brakes (290 mm petal discs at the front and 220 mm at the rear) provide sure stopping power.

In addition to the very effective petal disc brakes, customers looking for added degree of reassuring braking performance will find standard ABS fitted front and rear. Compact new Bosch 10M ABS unit contributes to both weight and space savings.


Relatively short gearing offers a balance between fuel economy and low-mid-range power feeling and response. A long 6th gear contributes to the high-speed cruising range. Range (measured per WMTC Mode) on a single tank exceeds 400 km, allowing significant time between refuelling stops.


The light clutch lever pull and easy control afforded by the Assist & Slipper Clutch greatly contributes to comfortable, stress-free riding – especially when spending long stints in the saddle. When the engine is operating at normal rpm the assist cam functions as a self-servo mechanism, pulling the clutch hub and operating plate together to compress the clutch plates. This allows the total clutch spring load to be reduced, resulting in a lighter clutch lever pull when operating the clutch.


long-distance potential of the Versys-
X. A wide range of optional accessories are available should riders wish to enhance their ride.

Optional Rugged square-shaped 17 litres Panniers
Optional Givi 30 litres Top case
Optional Givi Colour Panel
Optional Back Rest to fit Givi Top Case
Optional Steel Pipe Engine Guards
Optional PIAA LED Auxiliary Lamps
Optional Hand Guards
Optional DC outlet
Optional Relay Kit
Optional Centrestand
Optional ERGO-FIT Extended Reach Seat + 25 mm
Optional Tank Pad

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